Umbrella Insurance

Life is unpredictable and in an increasingly litigious society, it’s wise to have a safety net to protect you and your family from unexpected events.

What would you do if:

  • your dog accidentally injured your neighbor’s child?
  • your mail carrier tripped over a crack in your driveway, resulting in injury and disability?
  • an overgrown tree in your yard crashed through your neighbor’s roof?
  • the unthinkable happens and you severely injured someone in a car crash?

Your current auto or homeowners policy may not adequately cover these and other unforeseeable events, which is why you need Personal Umbrella Insurance. Umbrella coverage provides extra protection that goes beyond your auto and homeowners limits; just in case something pops up that you didn’t expect.

J-Mac Insurance Agency would be happy to provide a quote for you, so give us a call 818-996-1969.

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